Web Scraper Link Selector Explained By Semalt

Web searchers need to navigate through the websites and specify the exact information they wish to extract. It's a very effective online process, which gives its users the option to extract multiple pages that use Ajax of JavaScript. Users can install this special scraping tool very easily without having to use any advanced technical skills. Web scraper can help them to gather all the information they need quickly and easily. It is the best free web scraping Chrome extension tool, specially designed for beginners who want to extract data from a website without hiring a professional.

Scraping Various Data through the Web

Each time the web scraper opens a new page from the Internet, users have to extract some element. After creating a plan, users have to develop selectors. They are the elements on the target website which contains certain data. Users can add, edit or delete selectors through the panel. Users can use this scraping tool for gathering different types of data, like content, tables, images, phone numbers, prices and more. After collecting the information they need, users can copy the results as TSV to Clipboard and save them in folders, or export the results to Google Docs as Excel Spreadsheet.

Navigation through Multiple Levels

By using this extraction tool, web searchers can navigate between various categories and subcategories and easily select link texts. For instance, they can choose two link selectors: one for the main categories and the other for the subcategories. This way it's possible to navigate through different web pages and extract the URLs.

How to Handle Pagination

Today many e-shops and retailers have multiple categories on their websites. Users need to decide which category they want to use. Each group has its list of products along with pagination links. Moreover, users need to remember that there are some pages that are only available from pagination pages and not from a certain category. They just have to begin by creating a sitemap (plan) and start extracting items. To do so, they have to make another Link Selector for choosing the pagination links. Users need to remember that when the web scraper opens a certain category, it can only gather items from this specific page. Then, it can make use of various possible pagination links. These links can discover more related data, as well as more pagination links for the users.

This extracting tool has some great features, and it can help web searchers to gather the results they want, to analyze them later on. It's a simple tool that requires no coding and users don't need to have advanced computer programming skills. It is the best free web scraping Chrome extension for non-programmers who want to extract data from a website without hiring a web scraper professional. They just have to use Google Chrome browser for installing it.

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